What                  does:

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Esy provides our clients with a simple and user-friendly environment with our import & export solutions. We offer an efficient platform in which we support companies achieve their international sales goals in an easy, innovative and timely manner.

The world is constantly catching up with new technology and faster communications. The way we do business should do too.

Our principles doing business:

We base our services on these essential formulas:

  • Deliver progress for our clients

  • Bring innovation into the picture

  • Efficiency and an agile procedure


Esy offers its international reach and a range of suppliers to provide timely and cost-efficient solutions. While we manage the exports, we can also act as market makers, positioning your products with the right buyer, in the right terms.

We simplify the export process giving full visibility, so you can focus on your sales.

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Coronavirus update:

Let´s stay safe. Let´s keep working.

Given to the recent global restrictions following the pandemic and the increasing speed in which new communications arrive, we need to stay more alert than ever before. We provide a safe environment for our users to deliver their products in any part of the world.

As much as we take our commercial alliances and partner trustfulness seriously, we also do so while focusing on the hygienic measures in which we deliver our solutions. We follow the vital procedures and take all required actions, and we make sure that our users do too.

Esy Exports (Esy) is a company governed by law and taxation depending on each individual operation. All services and operations are regulated by the international commerce laws relevant to each country and each transaction is based on the respective law in which Esy and its partners provide any given service, as well as all applicable origin, intermediate and destination countries involved in each export process. Esy acts as a communication link between the client and the provider of all customs, transport, export and any other service providers. Esy provides services through Export Agencies which are entitled and required to issue forms, permissions and other customs documentation on behalf of our customers and the company in accordance with the international commerce requirements for each government. The company acts as information intermediary between distribution, logistics, insurance and other service providers and clients which should count with proper licenses and entitlements to provide their services, however, it is not delivering an individual or any form of quotation, promise of price or intention to provide services on behalf of third parties. Esy delivers its services only to companies which comply with all international commerce permissions required by the origin country and the importer´s jurisdiction. Esy manages and is consulted for the export process limited to all goods, perishable and non-perishable, which are legally authorized for commerce, trade and distribution in the operating countries and is consulted only for the declared and inspected goods in the operation, limited only to the declared information, forms and permits in which our partners provide their official input based on the information provided by the client. Esy Exports and its partners do not provide any service that includes or is related in any way to illegal goods and activities, illegal merchandise nor is responsible for any other products which are failed to be declared in the customs form or any other official and non-official document by their clients, distributors, customs agencies and (but not limited to) other service providers. For more information please refer to each specific government legislation regarding customs permits, restrictions, taxation, competent regulation and international commerce requirements. Esy Exports and its partners are required to perform due diligence, which is limited only to the extent of the customs and transport processes, and to count with all parties' trade, transport, health, safety, import, export and all other required permits and (but not limited to) certifications in order to deliver any service in accordance with the operation countries governing law(s) in the process and the documentation before the beginning of the operation is confirmed. Esy Exports or its service providers do not package, modify, or interfere with the final product which is delivered to our services providers for exclusively transport purposes. Moreover, while Esy Exports provides advisory on international commerce, Esy does not negotiate prices or Incoterms on behalf of clients or third parties. Exchange of information, document issuance or any form of communication does not imply any form of commitment from Esy Exports or its partners to provide services to any party and should only be treated as for informational purposes until the required official documentation is accepted by the official governing authority.